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Table People came together in Seoul via Craigslist, birthday parties, and late-night drinking sessions. Friends compared them to the Feelies, the Clean, and the Fall, which suited Table People just fine even though they never approach a song with such specific intentions. Table People’s only aim is to distill the first swig of a cold beer or maybe the rush of riding a bike down a steep hill. November 2012 marked the release of their debut EP. As usual, they ignored convention and gave each disc its own unique artwork, made by themselves and their friends. In an era and place where most music is bought online, including handmade album art guarantees that it’s one-of-a-kind and made with love. Those first 6 songs were lauded for their carefree charm but TP were ready to buckle down and refine their sound. The summer of ’13 was spent recording four new songs slated for release in November, serving as half of a split album with the Korean band Les Sales. In a live setting Table People fill up a room with their driving rhythm section and woozy vocals, both of which are countered by razor-sharp guitar lines. They’ve been invited to play with numerous international acts like Two Gallants, Coldcave, and PS I Love You, but they’ll play anywhere as long as people are ready to stand up and embrace a wall of sound.

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