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Playing a mixture of Shoegaze and Noise Rock, Manic Sheep formed in 2010 in Taipei. They constantly switch between different roles and genre in their music, when you feel it is pleasing, maybe next second it would be full of anger, and sometimes they have some warm tracks to ease your tired heart. Their music is the creative source of their own life experiences, with moods ranging from anxiousness to tenderness, an angry clamor with occasional warmth. Unexpectedly, many overseas audiences have been becoming more and more interested in their music and they have been receiving a lot of attention globally. Manic Sheep has been opening for KYTE(UK) in 2012,The Album Leaf (US) in 2014, Neon Indian(US) in 2015 and also attended many famous festival, such as SXSW (US), NXNE(Canada), CMF (Canada), Clockenflap(HK), Fujirock(JP), MPF (TW) etc.

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