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Kingston Rudieska is a Korean authentic ska band formed in Seoul, Korea in 2004 Choi Chul-Wook was the lead guitarist for a punk band called "Kalmaeki (Seagull)" before reading a posting on an Internet music discussion board seeking musicians or fans for a Jamaica authentic sound band. Soon after, the first members settled on the name "Kingston Rudieska" formed from "Kingston", the city in Jamaica where the Skatalites created ska music, "Rudy" which is a byname for ska music listeners, and of course "Ska". Kingston Rudieska toured from 2005 to 2008, from small stages in rock & roll, jazz clubs to rock/jazz festivals which showcased up-and-coming acts, and they had concerts more than three hundred times in the periods. In 2006, Kingston Rudieska recorded their first EP [Kingston Rudieska], and toured Korea as the pioneer of Korean authentic ska music. During these years, Kingston Rudieska caught the attention of music fans with their magnificent performance, and their sweet and catchy tunes. Kingston Rudieska's trademark is their warm and poetic sound. Cultural references such as "Oscar Wide", nostalgic lyrics in "Carousel" and "Rudie's Around", Korean traditional jazz improvisation in "Psychopath" provide the Korean independent music scene with an energized flair. When viewing Kingston Rudieska's live show, and when admiring their music, it is not surprising that Kingston Rudieska is a legitimate son of Jamaica authentic sound. Poetic, sensitive yet forever powerful, Kingston Rudieska's devout interest in many different genres of music, including ska, soca, reggae, rock-steady, jazz, modern rock, combined with their individual and fresh vision of ska music guarantees an outstanding, and always innovative array of music creation. Members: Members · 최철욱 Choi Chul-Wook (leader, trombone) · 이석율 Lee Suk-Yul (lead vocals, congo, percussion) · 오정석 Oh Jeong-Seok (Trumpet,Flugelhorn) · 배선용 Bea sun yong (Trumpet) · 성낙원 Sung Nock Won(tenor sax) · 임채선 Yim Chae Sun(Key) · 서재하 Seo Jae-Ha (Guitar) · 손형식 Son hyong-sik (Bass) · 김대민 Kim Dae Min (Drums)

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