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Jambinai is based in Seoul, South Korea and plays a mix of traditional Korean and modern instruments. They produce a unique spine-rattling sound that charges you up to thundering peaks and then throws you down to sorrowful depths, often leaving you stranded somewhere in between. Unique. Powerful. Exhilarating. Lee Il-woo - guitar, piri Shin Eunyong - geomungo Kim Bomi - haegeum (from Jambinai unofficial Facebook fan page)국악기를 기본으로하여 포스트록, 메탈, 아방가르드 등 여러장르의 융합과 통섭을 꾀하는 밴드로 홍대 인디씬을 중심으로 활동하고 있으며, 데뷔앨범 [차연]으로 한국대중음악상 최우수 크로스오버 음반상을 수상하였다.

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