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Slamming dance beats powered by electrofied punk riffs, Idiotape is the idiosyncratic triad hot wiring Seoul’s live club circuit.

With the stunning popularity of their live performance in headling several festivals in Seoul, S. Korea such as Pentaport Rock Festival and the infamous Global gathering (Korea), the capitalization of electronic Seoul heads was effective indeed.

Their dynamic rhythm, experimental bleeps, and massive sounds percolates within their interactivity on stage and some describe them as shoe gazing dance rock. Tweaking knobs of analogue synthesizer synchronized with live drums, Idiotape dissolves and combines sounds targeting to evoke the depth of the listeners’ sensibilities.

Dguru already being an influential figure within the scene released an album label “address” under his belt. Hatching the Idiotape concept behind with ZEZE and DR,the 3 men combine their artistic musical talents and idiosyncrasies into an utterly contemporary, rooting rock aesthetics combined with electronic sonic particles.

Blending the scent of the lost Korean 60~70’s rock in to their “0805” EP, the band prepares their first debut album release in 2011. It’s definitely an album to look out for.Global Gathering (UK) didn’t miss to describe the uprising musical consciousness on their website. ‘Local heroes Idiotape bringing the masses to their knees with one of the shows of the day.’국내 클럽씬에서 전자음악과 밴드음악을 경계를 무너뜨리며 폭발적인 흡입력으로 광란의 분위기를 만들어내는 DGURU의 프로젝트밴드 'IDIOTAPE'

그들은 스스로를 21세기형 록밴드로 규정하고 있다.
댄스클럽을 위한 록음악, 록을 향한 전자음악을 추구

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