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HONK has released 4 his unique EPs, and in 6 other artists’ albums including Kyungdong Yim director’s ‘My Struggle’ film score from February 2016 to 2018. He majored in art, and is also active as an illustrator besides a musician. He is a multi-artist who writes, composes, arranges and performs all instruments as well as computer programming and producing. HONK’s music is full of mood of spaciousness that well mixed up with reverb-laden guitar tone, a deep and dark vocal and minimal beat, and brings listeners to the world of dreamy sound. His contemplative lyrics and melancholy sound provides uniqueness that will not be forgotten once heard. Handling a variety of musical spectra through indie rock, soul, jazz, dubsound, triphop, and shoegazing, HONK is constructing his own music world which cannot be defined in any genre. In November 2018, HONK’s the 1st full length album [MONOSANDALOS] meaning a man who is wearing only one shoe was released.

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