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​ The name, Goodbye Wendy, comes from a goodbye scene from the film Peter Pan, also well known as a fairy tale, and an animation. Goodbye Wendy was named by a person who has perspicuous view from present-day grim reality; an interpretation that reality and ideals cannot coexist. It is extremely mature sense of naming, because of an idea that peter left Wendy behind, he could return to "Neverland"; a synonym for dreams. Created with these backgrounds, they contain a message of hope that anyone can achieve their dreams, like how “Peter” whispered to “Wendy” with his sweet words. Vocal Hwang Cheolyeon, guitarist Kim Hyeongjin, and drummer Jang Donghyeop formed a team in 2015. Recently, bassist Lee Kyeongho and guitarist Ahn SeungGoon joined to form a five-member band in 2016 Goodbye Wendy's music gets their motif from pop, folk, punk, and post-rock to pursue their own color.

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