Galaxy Express


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Loverock Company (overseas representation DFSB Kollective )
Rock (manager Ki Myoung Shin)

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A high octane, runaway bullet train, Korea’s Galaxy Express is a scintillating tour de force trio that wildly whiplashes audiences with a centrifugal forging of raw, sweaty, psychedelic rock n roll. Crowned by critics as the country’s loudest live band and fawned by fans as the nation’s best live band, the trippy wired trio of Galaxy Express have swiftly kicked and screamed their way out of the indie club circuit and onto the international festival scene to become the Republic of Korea’s renegade ambassadors of rock n roll. 이주현 LEE JuHyun (Vocal/Bass) 박종현 PARK JongHyun (Vocal/Guitar) 김희권 KIM HeeKwon (Drums/Shout)에너제틱한 공연으로 정평이 나있는 한국을 대표하는 락 밴드 갤럭시익스프레스는 2006년 서울에서 결성되었다. 기타/보컬의 박종현, 베이스/보컬의 이주현, 드럼의 김희권, 이렇게 3인조로 구성된 갤럭시익스프레스는 전염성이 강한 개러지 락, 펑크, 사이키델릭 사운드를 촘촘하게 엮어 폭발적인 퍼포먼스를 선보이며 곧바로 주목을 받았다.

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