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After touring the world together for the past decade, consummate showmen SAGE FRANCIS and B. DOLAN have dropped their solo pursuits by officially uniting as the super-duo, EPIC BEARD MEN. Both hailing from Providence, RI (USA), and respectively celebrated for their unique contributions to the spoken word and independent hip-hop scene, Francis and Dolan aim to flood 2018 with the EBM songs they’ve been carefully crafting over the past two years. Sage Francis, who first earned notoriety in the late 90s within the emcee battle circuit and poetry slam competitions, made an indelible mark on the indie-rap scene with 2001’s influential “PERSONAL JOURNALS”, a genre-bending album which would propel him into being one of the top selling indie artists. Amidst working with various record labels and eventually being the first hip-hop artist to sign with EPITAPH RECORDS, Francis developed STRANGE FAMOUS RECORDS in order to release his own music and take on new artists — in steps B. Dolan. 2018 marks the ten-year-anniversary of “THE FAILURE”, Dolan’s debut album on Strange Famous. Although he was mostly known for being a spoken word artist at the time, the years of work he had done behind the scenes went on full display with his brave and progressive approach to hip-hop. The stage show was too powerful to deny, which led to Dolan being included on almost every major Sage Francis tour from 2008 onward. Creating a group was inevitable. Calling themselves “Epic Beard Men” was a joke...until it wasn’t. Fast forward several years, tours, and albums later to when they were camped out in a Scottish AirBnb, ferociously writing and recording EBM demos which, two years later, are finally being polished and set for release. The first bulk of songs will be included on a mixtape called “SEASON 1” in the first half of 2018, while the official album is slated for release in the Fall. In the interim, EBM will be performing and touring until the wheels fall off. As they tend to do.

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