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“DirTyRockHon”, meaning cheerful souls (樂魂: rock-hon in Korean) in the dirty world, was initially created as a four-member indie band in Gwangju, where the subculture barely exists. Despite frequent member changes, Dirtyrockon has been actively performing. Having been transformed into a three-member band in 2015, Dirtyrockon is aiming to make a come-back. Participating in GwangIn Compilation in 2011, Dirtyrockon for the first time officially registered its song and finally released its first EP “SeoMin(meanning Ordinary people)” in 2015 after ups and downs. Currently, the recording for the second EP “Inconvenienced Life” has been completed and it will be released in late July or early August. The band has firm support base in its local area. It has been organizing the seasonal performance event “Four-season Rock (Spring Rock, Summer Rock, Autumn Rock, and Winter Rock)”, actively contributing to the expansion of local scenes. As a punk band of ordinary people conveying messages that represent ordinary people, we Dirtyrockon express and put resentment of our people in music with heavy guitar sounds, powerful drum playing, hippy and blunt lyrics, and vocal melodies like calm shouts.

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