Danpyunsun and the Sailors

단편선과 선원들

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Captain : Danpyunsun (Guitar, Vocal) Sailor 1 : Kwon, Jee Young (Violin) Sailor 2 : Jang, Do Hyeok (Percussion) Sailor 3 : Choi, Woo Young (Bass) Dapyunsun and the Sailors is a Korean Psychedelick Folk Rock band formed in Seoul in Summer of 2013, with vocalist Danpyunsun, violinist Kwon Jeeyoung, percussionist Jang Dohyuk, and bassist Choe Wooyoung. Before the birth of the band, the leader/initiator Danpyunsun had been on his solo project of experimental folk music under the name of Hoegidong Danpyunsun, while the other members, or the Sailors, had each been engaged in different musical genres, including Western classical music, gypsy music, folk-pop, and post-rock. Building on these experiences so far, the band aims to make their original sound and style by creatively weaving Eastern and Western musical traditions altogether. And their efforts make them the Winner of 12th Korea Music Award, 'The Best Rock Album of the Year'

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