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3호선 버터플라이

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Introspective post-modern rock striped with moody guitars and smoky vocals, 3rd Line Butterfly is a Seoul-stationed trio that sublimely soars with velvety sounds from the Korean underground. Their debut album [Self-Titled Obsession] was released in 2000 and 2 years later their songs were used in a TV series about indie rock bands called [네 멋대로 해라 TV Drama OST ] which widened their fan base. They released 2 more albums before their EP [Nine Days or A Million] in 2009 which drew a lot of love from the critics. In 2010, releasing the [Remastered I-III box set] they were invited to (London UK). Having a tour in North America for 40 days in 2012, they release an English album [Ice Cube] and in 2013 released their 4th album [Dreamtalk]. [Dreamtalk] received the warmest applause from respected critics, media, and the publics. The album was chosen as the album of the year in number of media and newspapers such as , , , etc. It was no surprise when they were awarded with 3 prices on Korean Music Award (Album of the Year, Modern Rock Album of the Year, Modern Rock Song of the Year), and Discovery of the Year Award on Gaon Chart K-Pop Award. It took 5 years to meet their new album [Divided by Zero] since the 4th album [Dreamtalk] was released . The 5th album released in January 2017 and got high attentions from Korean indie scene straight away. Also, The song 'Awaken' released in November 2016, is nominated 'Best modern rock song of the year 2017’ and 'Best modern rock album of the year 2018’.

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